Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Project Runway Episode 6: Candy Land

Twizzlers and Kit Kats and Reeses…oh my. It was all about the sweet stuff on this week’s show as the designers were herded off on a field trip to candy emporium, Hershey’s Time Square, and in five short minutes had to pull the material for their own runway confection.

Rami took top honors, and guest judge Zac Posen, who often produces the most whimsical designs for his own runway, loved the designer’s darling, little dress of pleated wrappers with mod vinyl bodice. It was creative and charming, and his ultra-lean redheaded model wore it well. We were blown away by Jillian’s ensemble. She was the only contestant to actually use edible material (that would be red Twizzlers) – a corset completely sculpted of them and a skirt with playful Twizzler fringe. To note: that woman can kvetch, as she did until the end, worrying that her design, literally, wouldn’t stick.

There were actually a lot of yummy looks this time around. Chris’ sexy strapless Hershey sheath was to-die-for; Ricky did an adorable silvery York Peppermint Patty balloon skirt and Christian’s ruffled Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup wrapper dress was a gas.

The judges booted earthy Elisa who envisioned a modern, edgy take on Gretel (as in Hansel and Gretel) and it was sort of hip though she blew it with separate silver Jiffy Pop-like sleeves that Michael Kors said looked like shower caps. Her exit was gracious, sweet and natch, a little unconventional. Frankly, we’re sad to see her go. Worse, by a long shot was Victorya’s “Little House on the Prairie” ruffled job of York paper. Her model did this stiff, little shuffle down the runway with her arms extended…completely bizarre. Victorya said she was going for an ice princess effect, but the dress needed to go into deep freeze. The judges got it wrong.

Off the charts: Christian’s annoying factor. Finishing his dress early, he used the time to buzz about the sewing room zinging insults. What a pest! Kevin, whose bolero-topped number was fab, desperately wants to kick his derriere and made no bones about it.

The “He could care less moment?” Kit bumming because Tim Gunn saw her in her pajamas…without a bra.

– Anne Bratskeir


Lulu said...

I have to say that this was my favorite show so far. Who comes up with these ideas, anyway?? Loved the way Jillian actually took it to heart and used the candy to make her dress. And I really liked her design, too bad the twizzlers didn't stay on. Perhaps Christian wouldn't have been so smug if he had challenged himself more and worked with the candy instead of the wrappers...
Can't wait to see what they are going to do next week!

Anonymous said...

As always, some of the designs were brilliant, like Rami's, and some absolutely chowed, like Elisa's, although, we'll miss her, too. She had big, honest balls, even if she did use them to make Jiffy-Pop sleeves. Overall though, we had a hard time with this episode because the candy focus, and shameless promotion, made it feel like a stunt and novelty. The show works best for us when the designers try to climb to the top of their craft and talent, as opposed to chasing down ideas most influenced by how much crap they can grab. No matter, we'll be back next week, and back here, cuz this show features real talent.

Trebor said...

I have to say that the challenge for this week was totally unexpected...Mon Dieu, what will they think of we forsee them going into a deli and making outfits from salted, cured meats?? Hmmmmm. In any case, it was kind of fun to see what they came up with. Except for Sweet P, what WAS that?? In my opinion, she really deserved to go. Oh well, on to the salad bar...

Morgan said...

Oh-My-Gawd! And I thought edible fashion died with fruit roll-up panties. That said, I thought Jillian had the most guts to use the twizzlers as a fabric, albeit one that had greater potential as a g-string than a dress. Elisa's sob story was a poignant punctuation point to her exit but hopefully she will see some settlement money from the Porsche perpetrator. You know the joke about the difference between porcupines and Porsche drivers, right? Rock on Jillian!

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