Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ooh. Project Runway producers pulled out some serious stops for the challenge tonight: design a look that goes from desk to dinner for a high powered and professional woman. And who would that classy lassie be? None other than Brooke Shields, who in her “Lipstick Jungle” TV role as Wendy Healy, top movie executive, wife and mom, will actually wear the garment in the second season of the nationally televised fashion focused show. Huge for the winner.

Brooke consults with the designers -- picks six of the twelve based on their proposal sketches, and, here comes trouble -- they have to work in teams. There were egos, haters and a few surprisingly sweet moments.

First up, the massive “Jungle” bungles. Loser Kelli who teams with Prima-Daniel produced a hoochie mama leopard ensemble accented with royal blue. Michael Kors called it, "slutty, slutty, slutty." Brooke, who is not a meanie, is almost wincing when she comments on how cheap it looked. To be frank, it put the “w” in “working girl.” Team leader Kelli tells the judges that her partner Daniel should be aufed…they beg to differ.

Then, there’s Blayne's disastrous capri pant, with halter and jacket, that is so crazy wrong for Brooke and the character that it’s hard to fathom.
But if loving him is wrong, we don’t want to be right. Even though he is off the mark and as the Nina puts it “shows a reluctance to listen that is very bratty,” the kid is a stand-up guy. When asked by the judges if he or Leanne should go, he says, “This is an integrity issue... it should be me.” Very fine, but please Blayne, listenlicious next time.

The winner? A drop dead gorgeous frock – floral on top with a fish scale like skirt -- designed by Keith who is assisted by strong-willed Kenley. There was a J.Mendel meets Prada vibe about it – cool, sophisticated and expensive looking. Brooke could wear it and so could a lot of other women. We are wishing Keith would exude a touch more humility. And though Kenley is one bossy broad, she’s talented and adds some levity to the night when she cracks up on the runway as Daniel proclaims he has “impeccable taste.” Seeing is believing bud.

We’re happy that Jerell and Stella almost snare the win with their swanky silk animal print ensemble wrapped by a buttery leather cummerbund-like belt. Poor Stella was picked last – what a lousy feeling -- and Jerell was fantastically gracious about getting last pick. Their design blew many others out of the water. Yay, team.

In the attitude department – Terri, on camera, graphically questions Suede’s sexuality and was incredibly negative towards him until Tim said he liked the work. Not nice, Missy. Korto thought Joe was backstabbing her but in fact, we think he was gently and appropriately trying to get her to modify her overly voluminous silhouette.

It was no love fest tonight. Cannot wait for next week’s challenge…design an outfit for a drag queen. No kidding. – Anne Bratskeir


lulu said...

It certainly was interesting watching the "teams" at work. Most of them gave the impression that they would definitely prefer to be working alone! I actually liked Stella and Jerell's dress the best even though Brooke was unsure about the belt---which Heidi loved. I agree with you about Blayne, who normally I can't stand, but he actually showed integrity last night by taking responsibility for his design. Godd for the judges for keeping him. The best part of last night was the sneak preview for next week--drag queen outfits--not THAT should be fun to watch!

Anonymous said...

I think that the judges keep Daniel because he looks like that cool downtown hipster type that "should" be a good designer. Like he should be friends with the Proenza Schoeler boys or "Daniel" from a few seasons ago. I mean what has he designed well so far? He is just feeble. I totally agreed with the girl laughing at him - as he is so smug about his impeccable taste - well why didn't he say something about the "Slutty" leopard outfit? I think they let the wrong person go - it should have been Daniel. The judges are clueless.

Anonymous said...

I thought Kenley was rude and obnoxious for laughing at Daniel.
She also gives very subtle looks of displeasure at other designers as their work is being critiqued by the judges. Jerrel should have won as his outfit could have easily gone from the board room to evening wear. The "leatha" belt was goregous and it finished the ensemble beautifully.

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