Thursday, February 7, 2008

Episode 10: Tacky town

There is some dicey timing going on with Project Runway. In two days, we will be sitting at Fashion Week in the tents at Bryant Park for the ultimate PR runway show -- and as it stands now, there are five designers left.

Five designers and two of them are actually already out. So will they fake it for the showing? According to our friends at Bravo TV . . . yes they will.

Speaking of fake, this week’s challenge was to create a new look for the women of World Wrestling Entertainment known as the Divas, and well, there were definitely some artificial parts on them. This is not to say that they weren’t the ultimate hard bodies and sort of sexy-pretty in that brutal way, but this was some major bosom.

The designers learn about their challenge first by listening at a closed door where the women are hooting, hollering and doing their fighting thing. “These sounds are so sexual,” says Christian. “They sound like sex moans.” One has to wonder.

Then, there’s a 30-minute consult with the Divas – one of the girls wants to look like “a classy sexpot, not a whore sexpot,” so you get the gist. The gang gets $100 each to spend at Spandex House, and not a whole lot of time. (Who even knew there was such a thing as Spandex House? Wanna go?)

So, here’s the deal: Rotund Chris, whose laugh has become more insane each week, wins with a bondage style leopard job and sequin-lined hoodie. Actually it’s fab. He says, “Of course I am winning with the tackiest challenge that we have had which I find very funny.” It’s true, though.

Poor Ricky is aufed for his orange bathing suit with gold hardware and dullard gold trapeze dress. He was clearly not the greatest talent there, but sort of a sweetie and here’s breaking news . . . he does not cry.

There were highs and lows in between. Christian was really a contender to win this one with his “ferosh” leather and lace combo. Jillian meshed sports and sexiness in her athletic strappy royal blue top with super short shorts. Rami almost bit the dust because of his vile Pepto-Bismol pink ensemble, and Sweet P was, well, strong-armed by her client, who was the tackiest of the bunch. – Anne Bratskeir


LULU said...

Wow, my favorite "Blog Lady" is putting in some long hours this week between the shows in the tents and still doing this blog. I'm impressed! I agree, this one was pretty, pretty tacky! Nonetheless, Chris & Christian made it fun (and funny). Loved how Chris' own shirt matched his Diva's cool outfit--coincidence?? Ricky, UGH, he deserved to go and poor Sweet P, I thought she was going to have a melt-down. Jillian was consistent and good; seems to have sort of a RL interpretation to her work (no surprise). It was cute. You will have to let us all know how the actual runway show with them goes this week. Can't wait! In the mean time, try to get a little shut eye.

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