Friday, February 8, 2008

Video: Audience reactions

After the five runway shows for the Season 4 finale of "Project Runway" at Fashion Week, we scoured the tents at Bryant Park looking for reactions to the collections.

We found "Runway" alums Ricky Lizalde (hey, Ricky, sorry about all those crying comments), Kit Pistol, Victorya Hong, Jack Mackenrath and Malan Breton and the new queens of Bravo, the Real Housewives of New York City.

Here's what they thought.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how they neglected to show all the people that loved Rami's collection, ALL the past winners of project runway voted for Rami as well as Michael Knight from season 3.

Martina said...

lets not forget these guys... the vid didn't address them at all...
Daniel Vosovic: “For me, it’s the difference between Rami making great clothes and Christian putting on a great show. I don’t know who to reward more! I thought both were fantastic. Both have a great vision.

Chloe Dao: “Rami. Honestly, I was blown away by him. Christian I loved. Amazing showmanship. But I’m going to say it: I see references to Alexander McQueen big-time. That last look, I could even name the collection. Rami did draping that no one else was doing. I’ve been looking at fashion since I was 13, so I can reference things easily, and he did things that I couldn’t reference, and that’s really hard to do.”

Jay McCarroll: “I’m going to have to go with Rami. Christian is probably more my speed, but Rami had a nice package. In both ways.”

Michael Knight: “Rami, definitely. Going in, I didn’t have a favorite, but I thought that it was very beautiful, very feminine, and he still got his point across. He’s all about draping the woman’s body, but he did it in a new way for him.”

Jeffrey Sebelia: “It’s between Rami and Sweet P. I think in the shows from start to finish, I got to see a good breadth of what they could do. I mean, I really love what Christian does, but I saw the same silhouette for ten of the looks. It was the same thing over and over and over. Sweet P and Rami were telling a story, whatever their vision was.”

Anonymous said...

It seems like this video is INCREDIBLY biased. Most of the interviewees were random television personalities that don't have any designing talent or sense of style, they just throw cash at their stylists that tell them what's fashionable and what's not. If you're going to make a credible video please in the future do not try to portray one designer as the winner because that is not being fair to the other designers at all!!

Anonymous said...

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