Friday, February 8, 2008

Video: Rami Kashou collection at Fashion Week

Collection is most like: Donna Karan’s shaping in years past with a touch of Zac Posen’s whimsy thrown in for good measure.

What was very good: Probably the best, most detailed entrance making gowns in the lot. One an artful gold and white, perfect fitting job and another black, textured in shiny squares, totally scene stealing. Kudos for the basket weaving technique on the olive gown and jacket. Also, a ladylike geometric print was ladylike to the max.

What was very bad: Despicable tux pants in raspberry and another bowed pair that either had a broken zipper or was just plain unzipped on the runway. A teal dress with shaped bodice was just plain bunchy.

- Anne Bratskeir


Anonymous said...

It would seem that most people would disagree with your dilettante commentary considering that TWO of Rami's looks (one of those being the teal suits you hate) are in the top 100 list at No other project runway designers had looks that made the list.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder if Ms. Bratskeir and I were at the same show. First of all, there were no zippers broken or "not working." Second, there was no "bunching." All the clothes and their fit were impeccable. Finally, Rami was the only designer with the vision and skills to match. It's no wonder Ms. Bratskeir only works at "Newsday."

Anonymous said...

Rami's collection was flawless!

gammapam said...

I have to agree that Rami's collection was stunningly elegent. I particularly loved the gold ribbon dress. Perfection!

Anonymous said...

Since I'm older than all of the Project Runway designers, I thought my choice of Rami as the best designer reflected my age. Thanks for the comment that says he is the only Project Runway designer to make the list.
Rami understood that Christian was chosen because he is starting a career. Even though Christian's designs are not something I would wear, or want to see on anybody else in a none runway setting, they did add the "SHOW" element.
The ultimate factor in how wonderful a designer is will be determined by how well their creations sell. Therefore, it's great that even the quirkiest garment will have a beholder shouting about it's beauty and buying it, while logical folks purchase less flashy clothes.

Anonymous said...

I have to totally DISAGREE with Anne regarding her horrible review.. It's almost like she is talking about a different collection. Rami's collection was the best if not the true WINNER of PRS4.. Of course they had to give it to the kid with the marketable "fierce" vocabulary that I am so tired of hearing. Rami understands a woman's body so much more than any of the other designers and to me is the true winner.
Anne you are truly a weed that should be pulled out of this industry for you have no idea what you are talking about with your bias opinions!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with this review 100%.

Anonymous said...

Have to totally agree with the commentary - Rami had a few hits (the olive basket weave, the gold and white dress) and the rest was heavy, dull, and overwrought. The teal color was awful and totally off for the season, be damned.

renee said...

I could not disagree more.
Rami collections was magnificent and the obvious winner.

Also, Anne that's not pink. Are you color blind? It's raspberry.
Is this women Anne a trannie mess?

KarenK said...

Rami's EW Q&A regarding color:

Q: The other thing that the judges dinged you for was colors. Do you regret using the colors you used in your finale line?

A: Absolutely not. I'd rather show more color than less. Quite frankly, every season is about new colors. It's about new ideas. If they chose a more black collection than a collection that had more color, I don't think that's a negative thing. How can you criticize color? You might be a fan of green; I might be a fan of blue. It's a personal take. If you look on the runways, the magenta color is a very common color for this coming season. I would not change my choice of colors. Absolutely not.

Hells Kitten said...

Anne Bratskeir is a complete failure.
Anyone who could call that color "pink' is a laughing-stock in the fashion and garment industry.
the color is magenta, raspberry, or as Us Magazine called it Cabernet.
This deep red color is all over the magazine's in Red Carpet pictures for colors for Fall/Winter 2008.
Rami was right on track...again.

Sorry if you don't like hot celebs like Beyone wearing the color.
This "reviewer" was given a press release/instructions from a network and told to report a story.
Sad...get a real job Anne

Anonymous said...

I think it is shameful that people would go so far as to make such hurtful comments about Anne Bratskeir. A review is an opinion piece. She stated her opinion with examples and did not make any pointed barbs at Rami. I actually agree with her review, but even if I did not, I would pick my arguments with her content rather than attacking her directly and claiming she does not deserve her job. Really, guys.

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