Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Episode 12: Designer Reunion

“Gather round designers and let’s have some fun,” may have been the directive for this week’s fluffy, air-filling “Designer Reunion,” show, where aufed designers and finalists chewed the fashion fat with Heidi, Tim, Michael and The Nina. This was not scintillating TV to say the least, mostly because there was a distinct lack of chemistry in the room and lordy, we’ve waited soooo long for the end. That said, there were a few stellar moments:

1) The outtakes of Michael Kors uncontrollably cracking up at the WWE Diva’s ensembles. Kors is one cool cat, but he just lost it and it was infectious and fun to see.

2) “The Crying Game,” starring Ricky, of course. We don’t even think he realized that he was such a crybaby on the show, but the composite proved the point. “I didn’t realize I was going to cry like a woman,” admitted the Rickster. For the record, he told us recently that he makes all his own hats, and the ruby patent leather job he wore on the show was created about a month ago. Did somebody say Village People?

3) Heidi’s fairly raucous imitation of Chris’ crazy laugh and the ensuing takes on it.

4) Again, Heidi, and even dignified Tim’s attempted outing of Kevin’s true sexuality. As you may remember, Kev’s claim to fame was that he was the only straight guy on the show. Finally, Kevin concedes, “Maybe I was gay in my former life.” And Tim says, “If being on Project Runway doesn’t turn you gay, nothing will.” Word to the wise.

5) Elisa happily accepting her portrayal as a nut job. Gotta love that girl because she is, as Simon Cowell might put it, “authentic.” The spitting, the writing backwards – all that aside, she’s sweet. Though we loved Chris’ line, “Keep your brainwaves off of me.”

Some observations: Victorya is a hater. Man-oh-man, she did not crack a smile and even Heidi told her she was uptight. Also, Carmen – ouch, we’re talking shoulders of misfortune on that horrid ensemble she wore tonight. We think and hope she made it, because it does not belong in a store. And she was grandstanding a little with her hurt feelings…enough.

Christian won $10,000 as the fan favorite – he seemed surprised. He also seemed surprised when last season’s fan favorite Michael Knight presented it to him because we’re thinking he had no idea who he was.

Finally, our Jillian. She looked fantastic in her sassy black dress and patterned tights…no? Plus, she seemed cool, calm and collected -- entirely self-assured. Hmmm. – Anne Bratskeir


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