Thursday, February 14, 2008

Episode 11: Only one big surprise

OK, so this was the episode we’ve all been waiting for . . . who was in and who was out? Who would show at Bryant Park, and who would go back to their regular lives? Five contestants left, and guess what? The judges could only narrow the finalists down to four – what a total gyp. So here they are with only one really big surprise:

- Woo hoo, our girl Jillian made it
- Christian, who won the challenge (more on that later)
- Rami

And ta-dah – the only really big surprise: jolly Chris March. It was actually a toss-up between Rami and Chris, but the judges simply could not decide. It’s such a rip. Why bother having a competition? Imagine if this were the Olympics. “Nice dives you two – yours is pretty, yours has style. Just have two gold medals and call it a day.”

Sweet P, who really lives up to her name, is out but still she got to strut her stuff at Fashion Week, even though she was faking it, because again, and we must vent, Bravo is milking this for every week they can get out of it. For heaven’s sake, next week is a “Designer Tell-All,” and the real, real final episode is March 5.

The challenge was to use masterpieces at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to inspire fashion. The designers had their choice of art from three rooms: The Greek and Roman Sculpture Courtyard, European Painting Wing, and the Temple of Dendur. Line of the night was from Chris, who when examining one of the ruins from the Temple said, “Joan Rivers carved her initials here when she was a girl.” That’s comedy.

Of course, Rami the draper went for a statue of Aphrodite, what else? From it, he created a really beautiful lilac-gray draped dress that anyone would love to own, but the judges thought lacked originality and was too much same old, same old for him.

Christian used a Spanish military painting,“Don Andrew de Andrade Y Cal” by Barolome Esteban Murilla (circa 1665) inspiration for his swashbuckling ensemble that included a white puffy blouse, bolero-like black jacket and leggings. Guest judge Roberto Cavalli saw his “love” for fashion in the work.

Jillian’s sassy little ensemble -- an equestrian-like black jacket and tiny metallic gold minidress -- was artfully drawn from “Scenes from the story of the Argonauts,” by Unknown master of the Argonauts (circa 1465). She was definitely a judge favorite. In fact, Cavalli told her that he wanted to hire her, and Heidi said her work was “ballsy.” Cool.

We did not like Chris’ dress. It looked like it had a giant, pewter-colored brain attached to the top, but the judges sort of enjoyed it. He used a dark oil portrait as inspiration, “Marie Francoise de la Cropte de St. Abre Marquise D’Argence,” by Jean Marc Nattier (1685 –1766).

Finally, there was poor Sweet P, who chose “Peacocks,” a painting by Melchior D’Hondecoeter (1683). The dress was more turkey, though not horrid, and not nearly in the others’ league.

Who wins the whole gig? We’re guessing Christian, but of course rooting for our homegirl Jillian. In the words of Bravo, stayed tuned . . . for as long a drawn out period as possible.

– Anne Bratskeir


LULU said...

I thought this challenge was great and lots of fun. Would have loved to be at the Met myself with no one else around--how fab! As always, loved Jillian but have to agree Christian was fierce! Poor SweetP, sorry she had to leave but in truth, I hated her dress...what was she thinking. And, Chris, well, you said it all! Can't wait to see who ultimately wins this whole thing! 'Til then...

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