Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Project Runway 5/11: Honest Abe Jerell

Gotta love Jerell's honesty this week, suggesting he'd have no problem sabotaging Suede and letting Kenley go on with what her notion of hip-hop is in terms of fashion.

Well, played Jerell.

This is indeed a competition, and regardless of Bravo's ability to completely botch the calendar each season of this show and let nearly everyone show at Bryant Park, you still have to be in it to win it.

- La Monica


Anonymous said...

I thought Jerrell was brilliant tonight. I LOVE HIM! I was happy that Kortu won, though, because she and Leeann are my favorites. I am hoping K. will win, but, I think it will be Leeann judging from the runway pics I've seen. Her collection was amazing.

I'm resigned to the reality that the loathesom and mediocre mean girl, Kenley, is going to be one of the three, which is lamentable. Her clothing is cute, but, nothing we haven't seen before. Her personality and ego are hideous beyond belief. She's detestable and her attitude is beyond reprehensible. I was disgusted she wasn't auffed. I don't like Suede, but, he was light years better than Kenley.

It would be wonderful if they sent her off the show next week. It would restore my faith in the integrity of this show, because, I am at a loss for why she is still there.

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