Friday, September 12, 2008

VIDEO: Korto Momolu's collection at Fashion Week

Korto Momolu is definitely one of three legitimate finalists on the show, and her collection at the Project Runway Season 5 finale at Bryant Park during Fashion Week proves it.


Anonymous said...

I loved the turquoise dress and the yellow one with the strap across the back was cute. Lots of bright colors.

Anonymous said...

I love the music and presentation of this collection, but having high expectations for Korto I am a bit disappointed. There is not one single look that has a complete wow factor, and many of the dresses seem to be the same basic design in a variety of bright colors.

Toya Ann said...

Korto, I must say that I'm a fan. I love everything you make. You rock!

Joie said...

Magnificent ............korto definitely has an eye for style. All of her designs were very graceful and feminine.

red said...

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

it was a little too "ethnic"

bethany said...

sarah elizabeth...forgive me, but what do you mean by the phrase, "a little too ethnic...?" thanks in advance for the clarification...

Jade said...

Korto is talented, but I do not think that she is the most talented of the Project Runway contestants. Her look is very reminiscent of Mychael Knight's back in season two. It's well-made and shiny and all, but it just doesn't have that 'wow' factor.

DJ Sackey said...

Re: Sarah Elizabeth

"it was a little too 'ethnic'"

Yeah. That's not racist.

Lish said...

and so what if her designs are sorry perhaps she should have taken the more European route....:::rolls eyes::: I love Korto and I am a big fan of hers. Her pieces are beautiful and I feel proud whenever I see her on tv or in print!

Amy said...

Korto is my fav this season. Her clothes are beautiful & wearable.

Heather said...

Yes, they are ethnic and it's about time we see some ethnicity coming down a runway!

alipat said...

Yeah. "ethnic" Get over yourself...why does everything have to be white to be right....? I loved her designs, she can still grow but I think they are lovely and very least she doesn't look like a peacock or a piece of art hanging in the museum..

You can actually WEAR some of these pieces. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I love Korto designs they are wearable to all women. Leanne designs are wonderful too, but everyone can’t wear her designs. I’m talking about women with hips and back. Both of them I wish success in everything they do.

Anonymous said...

Korto if you are reading this...
Just watched the finale and honestly...You was ROBBED. What were they thinking??? really Leanne??? Her stuff was acceptable. But Korto you CLEARLY blew it OUT OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!

I loved the Afro-centric flair? and hope to see more of you soon.

Outstanding work Designer

April said...

Fabulous collection. Fashion is personal and selective no matter what the talking heads say and this collection spoke to me. It whispered in my ear, took me in the alley and had me against the wall! That is the beauty of fashion. Korto- go ahead girl! Leanne's pieces were beautiful, but they were the same and it felt so cold, no soul.

Anonymous said...

KORTO, YOU clearly were the winner tonight! I love both yours and Leanne's designs, but yours had a wider range of wear ability as well as color hues. I'm highly disappointed in the judges decision and the clear lack of respect they showed by not giving you this win. They lost my respect letting Kenley remain for the finals and I knew then, you weren't going to get a fair judgement.
Terri was another example of unfair judgement and it leaves me wondering who among the decision makers is prejudice because as much as we would like to pretend there isn't an elephant in the middle of the room, I see his big azz clearly and it stinks! The producers/judges wanted us to believe Kenley, Joe and Suede were better than Terri? Or her dismissal was due to her personality? One of the PR winners insulted the Mother of a contestant and there was no one more ignorant than Kenley this season, yet they shoved her down our throats every week to the finals. Heidi, who is the poster child and host for PR, looks like a fool letting this blatant prejudice go on when she herself has a husband and babies of color. She is a puppet and it clearly shows she is just a mouth-piece. Too could have been a Great show instead of just another good show!

Anonymous said...

I loved Korto's designs but was disappointed as I was with Mychael Knight with their final collection. While Korto's designs were great, they could not connect with the larger audience. I'm sure she will go far and I am definitely rooting for her. It honestly was a toss up between her and Leanne. Their styles were different and both were special. said...

Korto...your designs totally blew me away!! In my mind there's no doubt that you won. You are an exceptional, outstanding and innovative deigner. The world is gonna come knocking at your doornow! Just you wait girl!

carolyn said...

I was so disappointed that Korto didn't win. Shocked really. After seeing the beautiful show she put on and amazing work she did--even in the two new designs she created in the final hours!!--there was no doubt in my mind that she should and would win! I just didn't connect with either of the other collections. And I'm a boring white mom from the suburbs, so don't tell me that Korto's designs don't have mass appeal. Any woman would look beautiful and glamorous in her dresses. I wish I owned one! Much love to Korto and her beautiful little girl!!

Anonymous said...

korto, i loved your designs. you are just getting started.i know you have more in you.don't give up the lord has more instore for you and your beautiful blessed.

Miss Bee said...

I've loved Korto from the very beginning, she made me laugh and gave the show flair as well as heart all at the same time. I also loved her story about her family's journey from Liberia and how she's living her American dream. Her collection made me so proud to be able to call her my African sister...even though you didn't win dear Korto, I will be looking for your clothes Everywhere...I just hope I can afford them when you blow up!!!....and keep putting all that "ethnicity" in there, it's time we bring our heritage to the ya babe.

Miss Bee said...

Yes...Sarah Elizabeth, thank you in advance for your definition of "too ethnic"...i checked my dictionary and it did not have an answer!

ProfMcNair said...

Korto's designs brought tears to my eyes. Her clothing is both African and American. For the first time in my life, I saw clothing that truly represents ME! Her designs encompass the beauty of my duality, representing what it means, at last, to be African American!

Anonymous said...

I AM UTTERLY DISAPPOINTED IN THE DECISION TO GIVE LEANN THE WIN!Korto CLEARLY should have won. I like Leann's style, but Korto's has more flavor and WOW, to it. I believe there is racism/prejudice involved with the final decision-making, and that is SO SAD. Korto- KEEP YOUR HEAD HELD HIGH! You did a FANTASTIC job, your designs are FABULOUS, and you WILL GO FAR! KUDOS!

Anonymous said...

Leann? HOW SICKENING. ,Will an African American EVER win on Project Runway? Korto BROUGHT IT, for chrissakes! Give her the MUCH DESERVED win, not a "pat on the back"! She created NOT ONE, BUT TWO (2) new dresses to try to appease those blundering idiots, but they STILL dug around & found a way to hand the prize to someone else. I bet if it even had came down to choosing between Korto and nasty, annoying, copy-cat Kenly, they would have chosen Kenly, then said something like:


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love, love, love Korto's fashions for every woman. Personally, I felt that she was robbed.

As far as the ethnicity factor in her garments, what I saw was nothing more than pure genius.

If I could afford them, I would wear Korto's fashions in a NY minute.

Paola said...

Korto, your designs are beautiful. I love your story, and it has come across on screen as a great accomplishment in life. You should be proud,no matter what happened on the show. I will definitely support your work, so make sure your fans know where to find your wonderful designs.

Anonymous said...

Korto should have won!!! Loved her collection!!!

Teeyah said...

Korto you should have won...your clothes are fierce....

el brusco said...

Just want to affirm that...
1. Korto's collection was the best - Lian's was good not not as vibrant.
2. It's totally rediculous that Terri was cut, even though she was so mean to Keith.
3. Keeping Kenli in so long just brings down the credibility of the whole show - I think the show needs new judges. I might have to stop watching it.

Anonymous said...

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Lisa said...

Korto, I was so terribly disappointed you did not win on last nights "All Star". All of your designs were beautiful and FULLY accessible to EVERY woman. Even though they were shown on skinny models, they could have easily been resized using the same proportions for a large women. They judges had to have their head up their asses not to have seen the accessibility of your line. Although I normally like the guy who won, I did not like his collection. It may have had a "clear focus" but the focus was on a very small group "skinny bitches". You had a very clear focus, a focus on WOMEN, regardless of size, shape or ethinicity. I was really stunned at the judges decision and for the first time really wondered if subconciously there was a bit of racisim that creeped into their bases of deciding. Many, many kudos to you. Please keep up the great work. You are very talented. With regards to Sarah Elizabeth's comment... Get out much? I agree with Heather and Alipat's reply comments.

Anonymous said...

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