Monday, September 1, 2008

Your final 3 for Bryant Park

Last week, we threw down our Season 5 predictions on who the final three designers would be. We went with Stella, Terri and Joe.

Our dear readers rode with me for two of three, which is quite a nice show of support for my limited knowledge. After last week's episode, perhaps our readers will be 100 percent correct while I wallow in 67 percent accuracy. Sure that's great if I'm on a professional baseball team, but that's not even a passing grade at the high school I attended.

Readers chose Korto, Terri and Joe. Below are the final poll results.

151 - Korto Momolu
116 - Terri Stevens
96 - Joe Faris
84 - Kenley Collins
48 - Leanne Marshall
30 - Suede
28 - Stella Zotis
27 - Jerell Scott
9 - Keith Bryce
6 - Blayne Walsh


Anonymous said...

I would definitely not pick Stella... my picks would be korto, terry and leanne. I think Stella or Blaine is the next to go.

Newsday said...

stella is a bit of loon, no doubt, but it could be that edge that puts her over the top.

or, she could get whacked and whacked hard in the next episode.

but i'm a gambler, hence the radical pick. - la monica

Jet-Set Charm said...

i think people underestimate my fave, kenley!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys really didnt get it at all... None of the three you picked are in the top 6!

red said...

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