Wednesday, January 23, 2008

32 heart attacks in 18 seconds

We've never hidden our publicly secret desire to see our local girl Jillian Lewis go as far as possible this season, and heck, maybe even win this whole "Project Runway" thing.

(For those Internet readers who don't know Newsday's coverage area, we cover Long Island and the New York City area. Jillian is from Selden, a town in LI's Suffolk County.)

So when she was one of the final two on the runway to hear the judges hammer them and shred someone's dream like they were a pair of Skidz on a person in 2008, we had roughly 32 heart attacks.

It wasn't very comfortable, although my cardiologist is pretty happy about the new inground pool my insurance company is about to put in his backyard.

In the interest of objectivity, we can say that Jillian's denim coat/dress/whatever wasn't her best work and she earned the scare. But we salute Victorya for allowing Jillian to be the second worst in the judges eyes this week. Heck of a job, V!

- Mark La Monica


goddessmelis said...

FYI Ricky loves in the local boy too!

red said...

thank you


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