Thursday, January 24, 2008

Levi's loves Ricky - and you, too!

A rep for Levi's emailed this afternoon to say that the limited edition Ricky Lizalde denim dress is already sold out.

That same rep pointed us in the direction of Project 501, their new campaign to let one lucky person become a denim designer.

It works like this: Create your own denim masterpiece using the materials from the 501® jeans and trucker jacket.

"Make sure it captures the originality and youthful spirit of Levi's®," the Web site proclaims. And for the love of Pete, do it before Feb. 6, otherwise you are out.

Readers will then pick their favorites and the top 20 will be announced on Feb. 20, with the winner being announced Feb. 28.

The winning design will be sold on Levi's site, just like Crying Ricky.

- Mark La Monica


red said...

thank you


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