Thursday, January 10, 2008

Project Runway Week 7 diary

I got a late start on "Project Runway" this week, but thanks to the wonders of technology, my DVR recorded it. So, we decided to still put my plan into action for this week and keep a running reactionary diary for the show.

And away we go watching/blogging (note: time is based on minutes into the show, so when you see :04, that means four minutes into the show.

:01 – “Bottom line, I’m the best.” OK, Carmen, whatever you say. You were better than Simone, that's it.

:02 – Wedding dresses?

:03 – Nope. Prom dresses. Interesting.

:04 - “Oh God, I don’t know what the poor girl who chose me must have been thinking because my portfolio is full of crazy stuff.” Well done, Mr. March.

:05 – And the models get to pick the designers. Nice switcheroo, Heidi!

:06 – “I know that whole Jersey high school thing.” OK, Kevin, now let’s see you design some really big hair!

:08 -- Christian is funny. Christian with flat hair is funnier.

:09 - $250 to shop for materials for one article of clothing? Mix in the labor, the supplies, the overhead and no wonder why clothes are so damn expensive these days.

:10 – What the heck was that? God bless DVR.

:10.30 -- Wow, that was Christian in high school. That photo is something off a banner ad.

:12 – Check out those hooptie earrings on Kit. Dang, yo. Last time I saw hoops that big, they were on fire and a mascot was jumping through them.

:13 -- Maddie vs. Christian in celebrity deathmatch? Tough call. I'll put my money on Caddy Chris.

:14 – Commercial. Time to rewind and see that pic of Christian from high school.

:15 -- He looks like a gang member from “The Warriors” and a character from any John Landis 1980s movie had a kid.

:19 – Here comes Tim Gunn!

:21 -- Sweet P is the voice of reason. Thanks for not dressing your girl like a little hoochie mama.

:22 – Uh oh, is this Comeuppance Day for Christian?

:23 – Hey, how come Ricky hasn’t cried yet?

:24 – Tim to Rami: “Can I just make one comment? She’s going to look like she’s wearing her mother’s dress!” Wow. And there we have this week’s Tim Gunn highlight. It doesn’t matter what happens after this. Tim Gunn won’t top that verbal groin kick.

:26 -- Anyone have Tim Gunn’s cell phone number? I’m going to need a pick-me-up one of these days and he’s the best motivator since Herm Edwards.

:32 -- "When I had a girlfriend, I actually made her prom dress," Ricky said. "That should have a clue right there, right?" Great line, Ricky. Sorry about that crying comment nine minutes ago.

:36 – Pre-runway predictions: Sweet P will win, Christian stays. The show editor would be fired otherwise for making it way too obvious. You can't fool me, Mr. Red Herring.

:41 – I spoke 29 minutes too soon on Kit. Those hoopties are the biggest ones I’ve ever seen, and I grew up in the '80s.

:42 - Victorya’s dress is whack.

:42 - Chris' design is pretty good.

:43 - OK, maybe Siriano will lose.

:44 - Good thing for Rami he’s got immunity this week.

:46 -- Nina is not crazy about the red on Kevin’s dress? Uh, unless my TV screen is all whacked out, isn’t Nina wearing red?

:47 – This is why I’ll never be a guest judge on Project Runway: they all seem to love Victorya’s dress.

:48 – Christian sells out his model. Good for him.

:49 – Kors to Rami: “When I look at that dress, she’s a 35-year-old woman in New York going out to dinner.” Great line. Looks like our boy Tim Gunn was right 25 minutes ago.

:52 - Here comes the over-production music and sound effects. That must mean the commercial break is approaching and it’s time to decide who gets whacked. I’ll guess Kevin.

:58 – Victorya wins. Sweet P gets hosed!

:59 – Sweet mother of mercy! Guess whose DVR just cut out before Heidi could torment Kevin and Christian a bit more and then whack one of them!

:59.10 – For the love of Pete!

:59.20 – Damn you, Cablevision satellite clocks! Fire Isiah!

:59.30 – I hate technology!

:59.45 – Deep breaths, go find out online who won.

1:00 – Kevin gets whacked. Glad I was right about one thing tonight. Too bad I missed the actual reaction. I hope he didn't raise a ruckus.

- Mark La Monica

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