Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Project Runway Episode 8: It Gets Hairy

“If I were a diva,” my name would be ‘Ferosh,’ ” (as in ferocious) pronounced Christian. And indeed, our favorite drama queen teamed up with belly laughing Chris of costume designing fame, and handily won this week with a look that was the embodiment of guts and glamour.

The challenge was hairy. Models wearing an array of extreme hairstyles – a faux hawk, a beehive, a bird’s nest – were to serve as the inspiration for an avant-garde look. “It does not have to be practical or even wearable,” said Tim Gunn who paired up the designers randomly.

Christian and Chris’ model wore a Grecian, ropey swirl of hair, and Christian’s concept was to create a gown of swirls. Using 45-yards – that’s a lot -- of rosy-taupe fabric, the sculptural knockout was “couture,” pronounced guest judge Alberta Ferretti, the Milan-based designer.

Gunn caused a panic when he added a second look, mid-challenge -- an interpretation of the avant-garde outfit but saleable as ready-to-wear. The duo did this reasonably well, a simple skirt, and lovely blouse that featured modified swirls. The prize was a goody: a Tresemme hair products ad in Elle Magazine featuring the hair, the designs and the designers. Yay, boys.

Ferretti was less enthralled with Kit and Ricky’s grouping. Inspired by their model’s bird nest hair the apron-like design with tiers of lumpy satin looked “cheap,” she declared. Michael Kors took it a tad further saying it was like Scarlett O’Hara, but instead of using drapes, they ripped the sheets off the bed. Ouch. Ricky’s little day dress was also lowbrow. It was all unsophisticated to say the least, but Kit took the heat and was aufed. Alas, hair today, gone tomorrow.

Jillian and Victorya were tense partners. Victorya had immunity for winning last week. Jillian had a meltdown. But that girl is good – her blond model wearing a fierce faux hawk stalked the runway in her vision of “an apocalyptic trench coat.” Shiny black and lined with plaid, it topped mod jodhpurs and an arty blouse. It was sort of Ralph Lauren on acid, if you will, and beyond fabulous.

Shame on Rami for being such a bully and get over your draping, fella. He brought Sweet P, who is not particularly assertive, to tears with his relentless nagging. But, ha, the judges liked her cute little day dress, and his flowing, corseted, draped (natch) job to match the model’s flowing hair was deemed boring and in our eyes, ungapatchkaed. Too much stuff going on, and too little teamwork bud. The judges called him on it. Yet he lives to drape another day. Let’s see if he changes it up a bit next week.

– Anne Bratskeir


Lulu said...

Wow is all I can say about Jillian's trench. She really nailed it. Also loved the play with the plaid since it gave it a touch of whimsy and softened the apocalyptic look (couldn't agree with you more on that call)...and what a great little blouse she had underneath the coat. Can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves for next week!

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