Thursday, January 3, 2008

Jillian Lewis dishes about 'Project Runway'

After last night's dandy candy episode that fleetingly took Jillian Lewis to a new low point, the Project Runway star from Selden takes a breather and checks in with Newsday’s style reporter Anne Bratskeir for a second exclusive Q&A session.

AB: OK, so tell the truth, will you ever eat red Twizzlers again?
JL: Well, after that crazy mess, I swore off of Twizzlers, but now I’m over it. It was crazy. During the deliberations the lights were very hot and they were melting so although it smelled sweet, it was also really nauseating.

AB: Did you think that you were a goner on the show last night?
JL: At most points I thought that was it for me. I loved the design but it just really kicked my butt. I’m not the type of person who edits my ideas based on the time given, but how can you be sent to a candy store and not use the candy? I was very worried. I hardly ever curse, really rarely, but when I heard the bleeping I knew I must have been really bad.

AB: When Tim Gunn said there were only two hours left including hair and makeup, were you in freak mode?
JL: I think when my model sat down and helped me with stitching; her presence was distracting from the horror. During nighttime, when I only had half of the bodice done, that was scary.

AB: You hit the depths and then we were thinking you almost won. Did you feel that too?
JL: I have honest eyes. I thought Rami was really innovative and there’s enough room for many people to be great, I was actually rooting for him.

AB: In your experience with him, has Christian ever been more annoying than in last night’s episode?
JL: Oh God, I know. He didn’t come around me or Rami to critique us. He knows better. Why he thought it was appropriate to walk around giving his opinion to everyone, well, everybody knows he’s a little immature.

AB: Kevin seemed ticked off at him. Do you think that Kevin might actually throttle Christian?
JL: No, they’re friends. Kevin was just being cute and sarcastic when he said he’d take him off. If I were Kevin I might have knocked him out. Fortunately for him, he didn’t come my way.

AB: Does it make you smile to think that Rami kinda, sort of considers you his muse, and don’t you think he has the world’s best dimples?
JL: He is so adorable, I loved his aesthetic. It’s ironic that it looks like he was designing for me, but before we ever met, we had a similar aesthetic that crosses over in some areas of styling. I don’t know if I loved (the dress) because I wish that I designed it, or I loved it because I want to wear it.

AB: Have you evolved on the show?
JL: In the last episode, I can sense I’m getting more comfortable. I’m not hiding or shy. In a lot of cases I was trying to stay out of the spotlight. That’s changing.

AB: So, as of now, are you feeling the win?
JL: I feel like I’m getting somewhere, but I never feel that I have an automatic on the top. I’m not taking anything for granted. I’ve done well and am getting a great response.

AB: You seemed to well up when Elisa got the boot. Were you sad about it?
JL: I liked her presence, though sometimes she talks too much. She’s a really genuine person, and she does have positive energy, which is real, not like an act. I was touched how she felt so appreciated about the bonds we all share. I did not like her dress and the overall darkness. As Christian would say, “It was a hot mess.”

AB: Speaking of people leaving the show, how’s Jack? (For those who don’t remember Jack, who is HIV positive, left the show for health reasons.)
JL: We all keep in touch. He’s fine. He recovered really quickly. He’s the go-to person. If there were a captain of Project Runway, he’d be it.

AB: You really seem to like vivid colors. Do you have a favorite?
JL: I’ve always loved red. That never changes, but I’ll wear any color. Though in the winter, I tend to wear darker colors. I really loved that sweet, happy combination that Rami just did of fuchsia and red.

AB: Well, this is about fashion, so, what are you wearing right now?
JL: I’m wearing cashmere stirrups, and a bra because I was just trying something on before you called. I’ll be putting a white button down shirt back on after this interview is over.

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Kristen said...

Glad that you interviewed Jillian again. I like her because she is "normal" and also has a great sense of style. I admit I might be a tiny bit prejudiced since I hail from the NYC metro area but why NOT support the local talent?? I felt so sorry for her with the twizzler dress--she was trying so hard and it was a cute idea--definitely an A+ for effort. Let's see what she does next week.

Jessica said...

Jillian is awesome! Great personality, sweet, and fun to be around! I am so proud of her, and I will always be rooting for her. She was something special in highschool, actually I believe she was voting "most artistic". However, this is far beyond anyone's expectations!! Congrats!! You are a great success story! Can't wait to see your label in stores! :)

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