Thursday, January 24, 2008

Episode 9: Denim Blues

Jillian, don’t ever do that again. We’re sorry to play favorites, but Jillian is our homegirl hailing from Selden, and for the first time, she was in the bottom two…and worse she deserved it. But wait we’re starting at the end.

The gig was denim tonight, specifically Levi’s 501. The mission? Create an iconic denim look that captures the spirit of the brand. So, the designers pack into a maroon van with Tim Gunn and off they go to a pier on the East River where 500 pieces of Levi’s products are stowed -- jackets and pants -- along with bolts of cotton. It’s “Supermarket Sweepstakes,” for the gang who make a mad dash for the denim which is hanging on clotheslines and then stuff it into laundry bags bringing it back to the sewing room to deconstruct and reconstruct.

Shocker: Ricky finally wins it with a sassy little denim mini dress that features Levi’s trademark buttons down the front and a kicky pleated skirt. It will be sold in limited edition on For the true Ricky experience, you’ll have to cry when you wear it…natch, Ricky shed a tear or two tonight.

Victorya, high off her big avant-garde coat success from last week tries it again, but her trench-wannabe lacks inspiration – it’s your basic denim jacket with shmata attached -- and she gets the boot. She doesn’t cry and nobody else does either, though Christian hugs her.

And speaking of Christian, his line of the night may have been, “I’m going to die of barfiness.” His jeans and jacket ensemble received high marks from the judges though we think we’ve seen Michael Jackson wearing something like it. As for Jillian, it was too much coat and gimmickry. We hope never to see anything like it from her again.

Rami bagged the draping thing he always does and used zippers as seams (a little Geoffrey Beene-ish but not nearly as polished) receiving a happy nod from the Nina, Michael and guest judge, Caroline Calvin, senior vice president of design for Levi’s. It was Sweet P’s swank, fitted strapless dress featuring color-blocked patchwork that Kors said had the, “voodoo,” because it was so sexy and flattering. And we want some of that voodoo, we do. – Anne Bratskeir


LULU said...

Wow, Jillian sure knows how to scare her fans! I was getting nervous early on just watching her freaking out...but at least she pulled through...sort of. I think her problem is that she has great, big ideas but seems to crumple under pressure. Hopefully she will learn from this close call and triumph next week. Can't wait to see what's next!

David Dust said...

"I'm going to die of barfness" - Ricky wins!

Click here for DavidDust's Project Runway recap.

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